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Mystical world of entertainment and games, where carnival sparkles on every step. Athmosphere full of  joy and playfulness is an excellent basis for anyone seeking luck. Two floors of slot machines and roulett to find luck in funny way.


The roulette is the most popular gambling game.  Recognized by  a spinning wheel with numbers form 0 to 36 in red  and black colour and with a green zero. The electronic roulette automatically sends the ball on the spinning wheel, which eventually stops on one of the numbers. The aspiration of each player is to guess the number on which the ball will stop.

There are 8 gaming spots around the spinning wheel. Each has a screen and a keyboard through which the player makes bets. The player can bet on every possible combination, as well as on the first American table roulette (number, even/odd, red/black, high/low, street, close to zero, dozen bets, column bets, etc.).

In case of the outcome being the single number bet, the won value is automatically added to the rest of the player's credit. Combination bets are also possible, which increase the possibility of  the outcome of one of the numbers betted on.

Electronic roulette winnings:
- straight-up (one number)      = 36:1
- split (two numbers)       = 18:1
- basket, street        = 12:1
- corner (four numbers)        = 9:1
- top line            = 6:1
- column and dozen            = 3:1
- easy try (colour, number, odd, 1st,2nd, 3rd Column)     = 2:1

How to play the roulette?

To begin with, you have to insert some credit. This is done by pushing the banknote or the  ticket directly into the slot at the gaming spot. When the machine accepts the credit, the amount shows on the screen. Then with the keyboard, you select the game  you want to play. The player can play all possible combinations. The keyboard enables bets directly on the net of numbers, or by pressing the buttons which automatically make a bet on particular sectors of numbers. The total amount of the bet is limited and defined on the gaming spot itself.  When the time for placing bets is up, the ball is triggered and starts spinning around the wheel and finally lands on one of the numbers. In case of winning, the amount won is automatically added to the gaming credit. The total amount of credit won is set according to the amount of credit, which was bet on the winning number.  Each of the roulette games  takes place for itself . After each game is finished, the player can continue with a new game or cashes out the remaining gaming credit through a ticket which he or she then takes  to the cash desk, to be paid out.



A slot machine is a game where the player makes a bet on a combination of the same sequence of symbols.  There is a system of disks which spin during the game and then show symbols on the screen. There are previously set lines on the screen. The player makes a bet on any amount of credit, on any number of lines. In case many of the same symbols show on the screen one after another, the player is given the winning credit which automatically adds up to the existing gaming credit. The total amount of winning credit depends on the value of the symbol shown. The latter are different on every slot machine and defined on the slot machine itself. As well, the limited number of lines is defined and the maximum number of bets per line. Some machines are connected to a progressive jackpot. This means that a part of credit played at each game is added to a jackpot fund.  The jackpot can then be won coincidentally on one of the connected slot machines.


How to play on a slot machine?

When the player chooses a slot machine, credit must be put into the machine to start the game. After the gaming ticket or a bank note is inserted, the gaming credit is displayed on the screen. On most slot machines, there is a possibility that the player himself/herself chooses the credit (for example – 1 cr = 0.01€, 1 cr = 0.05€, etc). The player can start the game by choosing the number of lines on which to bet and then the amount of credit they want to bet on each line. The disks automatically start spinning and show a combination. The slot machine detects the winning combination and displays it on the screen, adding the winning credit to the existing one. The second the player wishes to terminate the game, he or she can cash out the remaining credit by pressing the button CASH OUT. The ticket received can be paid out at the cash desk or given to an internal supervisor, who will take care of the payment.



The poker machine is a simulation of the most widely recognized card game.  The goal of the game is for the player to collect  as many predetermined combinations of gaming cards in one or more rounds as he/she can. The combinations and winnings are defined on the gaming spot itself. The game itself proceeds as on slot machines.



This is a machine offering a variety of games of which the player chooses one. The games proceed similarly as on the slot machines.



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